Hi Bes, My real name is Anj, a certified fangirl.

I started this blog on May 23, 2017.

I can’t really remember when I started to watch kdramas. Well, I started watching asianovelas in my teens, Meteor Garden started this craze for me. I think sa lahat naman ng Filipinos. It went viral na nasundan ng nasundan hanggang sa naging mainstream na siya sa Philippines.

Yes, I have a day job. Yes, It it is hard na pagsabayin ang work at fangirling, but when you do something you love, worth it lahat yan, at kayang kaya yan!

No, I am not rich. I have a little brother  na pinapaaral so it’s really hard for me to make amends meet at kayod kung kayod ako bes. PERO, I always make time to relax, and that is where korean dramas helps me. Kdrama is my escape from the real life dramas. 

This year lang ako nahilig na mag attend ng kpop concert events. I feel so blessed lang talaga bes na lahat ng nakukuha kong seats ay front row so I get the chance to see them up close. God is Good!

I started the Annyeong Oppa Page in Facebook in February 2016. Puro kpop memes lang kasi ang nakikita ko dati kaya I started making memes and the rest is history…

Gumawa nalang ako ng Instagram, Wattpad, Youtube as back up pages and it gathered a lot of support too (Thank You Bes). Pero I am seriously active sa twitter. I usually screenshot my tweets and post it sa facebook and my other pages.

Yes, I draw too.. pero hindi naman yung drawing na sobrang galing, doodles lang ang kaya ko. Cute drawings lang. You can check my ka-artehan here bes. Hahahah.

You’ll get to know me more sa personal facebook ko. 



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Bes, Thank You 4 all the Support!